Cierie ABS Fruit And Vegetable Plastic Juicer With Heavy Vacuum Based Surface

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Unlock the natural benefits of fruits and veggies with this Professional and Powerful Juicer.

Product Highlights :
Works on squeezing technology
Plastic juice collector
Pusher for pressing fruits of vegetables
Easy grip handle
Non-skid vacuum base
Compact Portable & Lightweight

For Quick and Delicious Juices in Minutes
If you are a health and fitness nut, then you know how important fruit juices are to ensure that you consume the recommended amount of fluids and nutrients. Extracting these juices can be quite a task, which is why the Fruit juicer makes extraction a simpler process. You can save power and still enjoy a refreshing glass of juice with this manual fruit juicer. It is both stylish and colourful, with an easy-to-use operational design, making this an interesting addition to your kitchenware.

What we like in it:
Operation: This Juicer does not require electricity to operate and is handy to use. With squeezing technology, juicer helps to retain 99.9% nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.
Body material: Made from ABS Food grade material, both the juicer and slicer are durable and lightweight. The juicer comes with stainless steel easy grip handle with pusher that extracts every drop from fruits and vegetables preserving maximum nutrition and minimum wastage.
Maintenance: With no complicated features, this handy juicer is easy to assemble, maintain and clean. It saves a lot of your time and keeps your hands safe and tender.
We give it: 8.5/10

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